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Recently Amanda and I traveled to Alaska with thousands of other Young Living families. One of my favourite things about this wellness journey is how many dudes rock the oils!

Often we hear, "how can I get my (husband/dad/son/brother/friend) more interested in using Young Living? They’re stubborn to the idea of natural healing and living"

If this sounds like your situation, good news, there are millions of dudes - from athletes to average Joe’s - who are wisely choosing to value their health and vitality by using Young Living products. Young Living is for every.body!

Below is a quick glimpse at how I use YOUNG LIVING ALL DAY LONG

🌿 7am: Brush with Thieves toothpaste and Thieves mouthwash. If shaving, use Mirah oil.

🌿 8am: Fuel up with supplements at breakfast. Daily I include Multigreens, Omegagize, Super B, Sulfurrzyme.

🌿9am: Fill up 2 main level diffusers with lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, patchouli, geranium and coriander or Northern Lights Black Spruce + Lavender.

🌿 Often throughout day I will ingest a drop of Peppermint oil instead of gum.

🌿 10am: Before getting dressed, I'll have a quick "body shower" with Seedlings baby wipes (ha!), apply Thieves toothpaste as deodorant (yup) and Geranium + Stressaway to beard and wrists before taking the kids to the park. I will Pack a Young Living backpack with Lavender + Copaiba oils for potential park mishaps, Thieves hand purifier and Seedlings wipes for any kind of mess. I also grab YL sunscreen to apply on the kids.

🌿 Multiple times throughout the day washing with Thieves hand soap and cleaning the house with the Thieve cleaner.

🌿 3pm: Its usually time for a Ningxia shot or Ningxia + sparkling water with a drop of Lime oil.

🌿 5pm: Heading to the gym - I will ingest Idaho Blue Spruce and Idaho balsam Fir (testosterone increase) in a veggie capsule add Aminowise to water. Shower after gym using the Charcoal bar soap. After I will add Cedarwood and Mirah Serum to my hair and apply PanAway oil or Cool Azul pain cream to any aches and pains.

🌿 7pm: Starting the bedtime routine for our kids, my wife and I will fill up the bedroom diffusers with SleepyIze or Gentle Baby or whatever oil they need that day.

🌿 8pm: My work day starts. I’m a self employed graphic designer. I’ll diffuse or wear a few inspiring blends like Abundance or Oola Grow

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Hello! To all my new friends here on the web, please let me introduce myself. I'm a husband to a beautiful powerhouse of a woman and a father to two adorable smart little ladies. Back in June 2017 I said so long to my creative agency gig to be much more present in my family life.

This photo was taken around that time. It was one of the greatest decisions I've ever made and since then have been able to watch my girls grow every minute of the day while creating and building relationships with a handful of new and old clients.

Who knew you could have so much fun doing what you love?! Let's keep the creativity alive!

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